Cover art - Tirogo: Disco ManiacCover art - Tirogo: Disco Maniac
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Voodoo Funk 002 (UK 12")
Tirogo: Disco Maniac
Valuable Disco reissue, comes w/ poster attached
At the close of the 1970s, just a couple of years after the classic psych-funk of Float, Wilf Ekanem and crew trained their frazzled peepers on Disco. The ensuing Aiye People LP is a stunner and a collector’s legend. Afro-fried Kool And The Gang on a mission to ’blow your soul on fire’, featuring space-jazzbo Fred Fisher on trombone, the E Gang sisters on sassy backing vocals, Elvy’s funky lead guitar, solo flute by Willie Chucks Edozie, and ill cosmo-synths and moog... because Wilfred’s disco crazy (absolutely crazy crazy).