Cover art - In Sync: StormCover art - In Sync: StormCover art - In Sync: Storm
Fortune8 005 (EP)
In Sync: Storm
Valuable reissue of timeless & ultra cool classic Irdial Techno (warehouse find, few MINT blue copies)
“There are only 4 instruments in the track - all Roland. 2 SH-101s, 1 TR-808 and 1 TR-909. There was no hardware sequencer either - everything was synched using the drum machine triggers. The notes were recorded on the SH-101 onboard sequencers, so the tune was very limited. Also, one of the SH-101s was not working properly. I could not record the same note twice in the sequencer for some reason. You can't really set up a more basic studio than I used for that track. The track was a production nightmare in reality. I am surprised it ever made it to vinyl. There is tape noise on the recording where the cassette deck level was way to low. does sound like rain. It all went wrong but ended up right it seems" – Lee Purkis aka In Sync.