Cover art - Factrix & Cazazza: California BabylonCover art - Factrix & Cazazza: California Babylon
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Factrix & Cazazza: California Babylon
Reissue of San Francisco originating New Wave album of from 1982
"California Babylon is a far more sparse and caustic offering than Factrix's debut, Scheintot, documenting their live collaboration with notorious artist Monte Cazazza, who along with recording for Throbbing Gristle's Industrial label also coined its "Industrial Music for Industrial People" motto. Originally released on the seminal Subterranean Records in 1982, California Babylon remains one of the best collections of violent guitar and primitive machine-noise resonance ever released. Featuring a musical treatment of the Brion Gysin permutation poem, "Kick That Habit Man," with avant-garde percussionist Z'EV backing the band."