Cover art - TLC Fam: Isbethelo SegqomCover art - TLC Fam: Isbethelo Segqom
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Gqom Oh! 005 (EP)
TLC Fam: Isbethelo Segqom
Out there, hard hitting, Grime affine South African rhythm science in ‘psychedelic hardcore Gqom’ mode by the TLC Fam crew - Highly Recommended!
‘From the sounds of Dominowe in Newlands East in Durban, South Africa, we are now going to the opposite side of the hill in Newlands West with TLC Fam! For those who are not familiar to the crew, TLC Fam are a crew from the township of Newlands West formed by 23 members. All the members have different roles in the crew and showcase different talents such as DJ’ing, Producing, Dancing, MCing, Promoting and taxi businesses. TLC fam was established in 2011 as a dance group until 2014 where they met distribution boys " they helps us with gqom tracks production since we were dancing with their gqom music." Dj Magic and Resto tried to learn to make their own TLC gqom in 2014 until now as TLC gqom hosts. Their sounds represents a strong, powerful Zulu culture from the sounds, lyrics of the songs to the song titles as well. The main producers Resto and Dj Magic created a very unique and original style of gqom, the strength of TLC is being as a real family where everybody help each others. TLC fam gqom is loud and powerful it can break your speakers which is why they play this out to packed dance floors till the early morning. TLC fam are the originator/creator of the “Taxi Kick” style of Gqom which has a very particular distorted multi layered hard kick made with some specific techniques on fruity loops. The kick is made specifically for taxis in the townships and quickly became viral with the new generation of gqom and core tribe producers in Durban. "Our Gqom is so different from others cause we got our personal style where we put more vocals in our tracks and we got our own kicks [Taxi kick] and our own type of gqom where we came with hard kicks which you can play them in taxis and big speakers ". "We were just making music just for fun and fan cause here in Durban they didn't take gqom music as real music but now we saw lot of changes in the local scene" " What we need now is too see gqom music pay world wide and we need to be well known in other countries as we are the one of the gqom kings in South Africa" As usual here at Gqom Oh! we’re super proud to put out this psychedelic hardcore gqom LP called Isbethelo seGqom which in Zulu means 'The Gqom hit'. It will be released a in a very special limited edition 12” in collaboration with HB production with special 3D graphic designs on the cover which you can check out with the glasses we have provided in each vinyl.’