'This cassette presents the soundtrack to Professor Timothy Shortell’s short film, The Terrible Comet Salt (2000). The narrative is based on a short story by Paul Sheerbart written in 1902, (an early instance of German science-fiction literature). The story, stark and bizarre, is distinctly narrated by Darren Harris (The Shadow Ring). The accompanying music is performed by Idea Fire Company (Scott Foust & Karla Borecky) in collaboration with Anti-Natural ally BRRR (Timothy Shortell). A melancholic and plodding rhythm propels the piece, well-fitting the apocalyptic chronicle.

This remastered soundtrack is complimented with unissued work by IFCO & BRRR – three fine pulsating experiments with electronics and piano loops. Comet Salt is an arresting listen, a lost gem in the Anti-Natural canon.'