Cover art - Kink Gong: XinjiangCover art - Kink Gong: Xinjiang
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Kink Gong: Xinjiang
Immersive sonic journey through China's Xinjiang province

'Kink Gong aka Laurent Jeanneau is a Field Recording artist based in Dali, China. He spends his time recording ethnic minority music, mostly in Southeast Asia. (...) For Xinjiang, Laurent based his soundscape around the recordings he made on a 2009 trip to the frontier region of Northern China, Xinjiang. Spreading from Mongolia to Afghanistan, it is the biggest Chinese province. From various locally made recordings, including Kazakh Dongbra jams, Uyghur Dotar riffs and various regional radio interferences, Laurent constructed a melting pot of ethnic related weirdness packed with mind blowing virtuoso recordings.'