’Manbait is a survey of Regis’ 2010-15 productions and remixes for Blackest Ever Black. As well as three originals (in several different versions) and his celebrated remixes of Raime, Vatican Shadow, Ike Yard and Dalhous, it features three previously unreleased tracks: a brand new Regis take on a lost song by his teenage synth-punk group Family Sex, an alternate mix of Tropic of Cancer’s ’Plant Lilies At My Head’, and a new edit of his own ’Blinding Horses’. The 2LP edition features 8 tracks, including Family Sex and Tropic of Cancer, and the now rare sought-after Raime, Vatican Shadow and ’Blinding Horses’ remixes. It also comes packages with a download code (MP3/FLAC) for all 12 tracks on the CD/Digital release. With exquisite cover art (Survivir, 1987) by none other than Val Denham, this is an anthology that no conscientious stableboy or girl can refuse. Life hurts!’