Originally issued around 1977, this dub album collects Wackies recordings made in JA - studios like Randys, Black Ark, Treasure Isle - and in NYC before the White Plains Road studio was established, where finally they were overdubbed and mixed. Included are the rhythm tracks of the African Jamaicans' Girl Of My Dreams and Tyrone Evans' Dread Like Me; also versions of Ballistic Affair and The Righteous Flames' I Wasn't Born To Be Lonely. KC White and the Lovejoys contribute the only vocal. The band is basically the Reckless Breed, with the funkdafied drumming of Jah Scotty - just off the Kingston plane - especially outstanding. As featured in a rare sleeve photograph, Bullwackies, Jah Upton and Prince Douglas work the mixing desk. Rougher yet, tougher yet.