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Prelude D 634 (US 12")
D Train: Keep On

A disco classic. Hubert Eaves III prod. Francois Kevorkian mix

Stargard: Wear It Out

Reissue of disco classic 1979

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Old Tower: Drachenblut

Minimalist, widely reverberating Ambient / Electronic Drone sound scapes

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T.R.U. 002 (US 12")

Lo-fi-esque, ‘in the red’, tripping leftfield House explorer

Fingers Inc.: I’m Strong

2017 reissue of eternal Larry Heard prod. House w/ Robert Owens' golden vocals - Essential Must Have!

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Aos: Violent Light
Zam Zam 066 (US 7")
Pugilist: Roll Off

Ace, dubbed out, stepping Grime related beat science