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Silicon Scally: Cobalt Blue

Carl Finlow prod. heavily Snyth Pop indebted, chilled & crafty Electro EP

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Coyote 025 (UK 12")
Jack Sparrow: Single Time / VHS

Crisp Grime & chilled, original Dubstep drifters

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Decisions 016 (UK Download only)
Isomov: In Theory

Swinging, tough, banging Grime / UK Techno steppers

Excellent tough Drum & Bass cuts

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Achim Maerz: Experiments

Crafty, warmly atmospheric, subtle Ambient House groovers

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Exit Vs 008 (UK 12")

Blinding & highly effective Dance Hall / halfstep Drum & Bass / Footwork weapons

Grade 10 012 (UK 12")
Forever: In Your Own Time

Electronically dubbed out, tripping, stepping UK Tech House & accompanying Ambient

Laslo: Eliptik

Minimalist & subtle UK Tech House / Electro hybrids

Do EP out of stock

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Tribe Of Colin: Age of Aquarius

Collection of lo-fi-esque Ambient / leftfield ambient Techno / rhythmical Noise

Irdial 25 aqr 9 (UK 12")
Aqua Regia: Uh, Ring Me; Bye

Blueprint leftfield House in unique, ingenious Irdial style (original copies w/ insert)

Keysound 070 (UK EP)
Blackdown: Rollage Vol.3: C-troit EP

Superb riddims work somewhere in between sparse Grime & percussive UKG

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Keysound 077 (UK Download only)
Vern & Milla: Untouchable EP
Acteurs: I W I

Classic UK Wave / Industrial rooted Electronics album

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Alix Perez: Phantonym EP

Fresh, reduced Drum & Bass bangers (clear vinyl version)

Bliq 019 (UK 12")
Aphelion: What You Want

Crafty Electro space trips b/w reduced & heavy Silicon Scally remix

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Foxy Jangle 5 (UK 12")
Lynch Kingsley: Astral Pulse / Capricorn

Ace, crisp, perfect Jungle revivalism

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Sorcery: Manufactured Conflicts