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Glass Talk 001 (UK 12")
Wilhelm: 38th Parallel

Crispy, minimalist, tripping UK Techno / Tech House EP

Grade 10 011 (UK 12")
Unslaved: Screen Drain

Crisp, dubbed out UKG / UK House grooves & far out IDM Electronica bonus

12" out of stock

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Hadal 002 (UK 12")

Excellent, universal UK Techno/House DJ tool EP

Hemlock 031 (UK 12")
Airhead: Shaded

Fresh sounding UK Techno / Tech House groover

12" out of stock

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Joy Orbison: Ellipsis

Classy 2012 Rave (one mint copy)

Idle Hands 055 (UK 12")
Pistol Pete: Orphan

Driving, Disco tinged, uplifting House groovers

12" out of stock

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Inta 003 (UK 12")
Sector Y: CS_TMS

Minimalist, jacking, pure UK Electro-Techno cuts

Outernational drumming inspired, rhythms & grooves centered sound explorer

LP out of stock

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Ous 017 (UK LP)
Jan Nemeček: Recurrences

Beautiful, atmospheric, purist Designer Ambient / IDM Electronics (w/ download code)

SC-164 002 (UK 12")
SC-164: CH-002

‘industrialised’ New Beat tinged Electro set

Gaijin Blues: Gaijin Blues

‘Easy listening’ & Outernational musics sampled, tripped out leftfield House jams

A free-styling take on sparse Grime, minimalist, leftfield Techno & warm Electronica jams

12" out of stock

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Hazards of Prophecy: Minnie & Marcos

Jazzy West London’s Broken Beat / House hybrids reminiscent, twisted Lounge groovers

12" out of stock

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Works Unit 003 (UK 12")
Works Unit: Narcissist

Pounding, Cleric & Reflec prod. big room Techno energizers

12" out of stock

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Wulf 011 (UK 12")
Letherette: Mander House Edits

Pumping, Disco saturated, highly effective DJ tool House

Zoot 010 (UK 12")
The Maghreban: Dynamite!

Irresistible, extraterrestrial House movers

Bungle: Cocooned

Techy Drum & Bass roller / dreamy half-step Drum & Bass cut