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Idle Hands 013 (UK 10")
Outboxx & Atki 2: Tribute to Disc Shop Zero

Stunning, fresh, imperative takes on Electronic Dub & ‘funky’ UK House

Daniel Avery: Slow Fade Remixes

Feat. a stunning in-ya-face Techno stepper by unimitable Surgeon

Tripping, Techno Trance infected Drum & Bass rollers

F 002 (UK 12")
Unknown Artist: New Grass

Warmly atmospheric DJ tool UK Tech House groover

MDD: Being + Time EP

Dense & intensely distorted Hardcore / Industrial Techno / rhythmical Noise scapes

Skam 035 (UK 12")

James Ruskin & Mark Broom prod. ace IDM-Electro adventure

10" out of stock

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Six Six Seconds: Tearing Down Heaven
EP out of stock

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Burial: Rival Dealer

The man’s year 2013 efforts

EP out of stock

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Mana: Creature

‘weightless’ Grime affine Electronica études

12" out of stock

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Mixture of retroesque UK Harcore & Jungle revivalism

12" out of stock

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Eotrax 005 (UK 12")
Eomac: Resist All Dogma
EP out of stock

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Horo Ex 013 (UK EP)
Dint: Hooker

Dark, Doom Metal leaning, stepping Techno / Hardcore EP

Nonplus 030 (UK 12")
Source Direct: Approach & Identify

Classic golden era Drum & Bass reissued b/w stripped down rework

Monty: Hypnotize

Skeptical works reminiscent, crisp & tight, modern Tech-steppin’ Drum & Bass

Tribe V 012 (UK 12")

Soulful, uplifting, classic Deep House in three DJ versions

Shackleton: Deliverance Series No. 1

Ever adventurous sound travelling guided by never disappointing Shackleton

Nisennenmondai: Shackleton Remixes

Shackleton’s astonishing Club mixes for Japanese band project