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Moog 121 (UK LP)
Hieroglyphic Being: The Replicant Dream Sequence (Blue PA14 Series)
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Rhyming In Fives: Hindsight EP

1980s Synth-Pop leaning Electronica in half-step Drum & Bass tempo

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Naturist 001 (UK 12")
Arnaldo: Good Music Hips, Bad Music Fists EP
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Overlook: Never Understand EP

Stunningly executed Techno / Drum & Bass integration from the final frontier - TIP!

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Reference 003 (UK 12")
Jack Murphy: Reference 03

Subtle atmospheric straight ahead Techno tunes

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Qoso: Morning Routine

Pounding IDM Techno rhythm textures w/ intense, Noise laden sound effects

Duckett: Gannets for Guano EP

Classy, pulsating, dynamically swinging, African grooves infected sound textures

Lurka: Stay Let’s Together

Freshly dare-to-be different, stepping Bristolian UK Tech House w/ smooth Grime affinities

Akira Rabelais: Eisoptrophobia

Wonderful, cinematic Piano derived Ambient sound scapes

Contort 005 (UK EP)
WSR: Stainless

Awesome Emanuele Porcinai produced genre-border-busting sound works

Diagonal 040 (UK LP)
The Modern Institute: Another Exhibition at the Modern Institute

Crisp, minimalist, early 1980s Wave / Punk reminiscent sound scapes

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Horo Ex 029 (UK 12")
Lemna: Retrocausality: A Posteriori

Remarkable, spiraling, droning & explorative Techno EP