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Ike Yard: Loss (Regis Version)

Incl. excellent Regis version

Church W 012 (UK EP)
FYI Chris: Home Alone

Tripping Ambient Electronica / House hybrid EP

Circuits: Coming Through

Cutting edge, dry Drum & Bass bangers (download card included)

Dispatch 045 (UK 12")

Superb dry Drum & Bass bangers

Jayson Wynters: Double Standards EP

Mesmerising, dark blue, subtly swinging House / Techno EP w/ Kowton appearance

Jason Fine: Moonscapes

Acidic jacking to pulsating ambientish, universal House / Techno EP

Achim Maerz: Experiments

Crafty, warmly atmospheric, subtle Ambient House groovers

Eaux 991 (UK 12")
Rrose: The Ends of Weather

Exceptional Techno affine Ambient & Ambient Techno trips

10" out of stock

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Eglo 016 (UK 10")

One sided pressing w/ killer version

12" out of stock

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Eotrax 004 (UK 12")
Kaltès & Nene H.: Protest EP

Excellent Ambient Techno EP in early 1990s, Detroit schooled UK ’intelligent’ Techno tradition

Do EP out of stock

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Hessle Audio 023 (UK Do EP)
Pangaea: Release

Diverse, full range, leftfield UKG/UK Funky & beyond

Bruce: Not Stochastic

Far out leftfield UK House related killer cuts

Nonplus 043 (UK 12")
Burial: A Pre Dawn

Far out, densely atmospheric take on Ambient UKG / UK Hardcore hybrids

Rub-A-Dub NG 1 (UK 12")
Naum Gabo: Sleep C’mon

Banging, pure House/Techno rhythm cuts

12" out of stock

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Timothy J. Fairplay: The Way Is Opened And Closed EP

Crafty, dare-to-be-different, leftfield House affine & 80s Synth Wave indebted EP