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12" out of stock

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Sonia: Easier to Love

Reissue of rare Lovers Rock cover with brilliant channel one cut on the flip

Cat Coore: One Blood Symphany

Epic & obscure cello cut of "One Blood" under Fatis control

Quench Aid: Beat Down The Fence

Hard "Rockfort Rock" digi excursion from the late 80s

12" out of stock

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Al Charles: Outstanding

UK lovers rock holy grail properly reissued

12" out of stock

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Jean & Trevor: Back Together Again

Sought-after late 80s lovers rock cover of a disco classic

Sis Jendayi: Feel It

Carefully restored reissue of previously unreleased & early Rob Smith production coming in full dub package - Highly Recommended

Conroy Smith: Murder Commit

Rare soundboy slaughtering, quality repress via New York

Lionel Craig: Under Mi Nose

Tuff 80s digital pearl outta nyc with wicked dj cut on the flip

Quality reissue of 80’s digital bomb from Gold Shop, cool trombone version on B

Jug Head: Words Of Love

Obscure semi-digital from the early 80s, with dub versions

Humble Lion: Pirates On Shore

Wicked & rare digi tune produced by Oswald Creary

Chris Black & The Rocks: You're The Part Of Me

Deadly & sought-after late 80s digi heat

Den-Roy Brown: Red Natty Dread

Sought-after 80s roots coming in blissful disco sleeve