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Do LP out of stock

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50 Weapons LP 008 (Do LP)
Shed: The Killer

Fantastic mixture of classy, early 1990s rooted Ambient & Techno revival cuts - Highly Recommended!

Klon Dump: Klon Dump Versus The Open Air

Minimalist, tripping, acidic Tech House set (w/ download code)

A.R.T. OA 002 (EP)
The 4th Wave: Attention Please

Reissue of golden era UK Ambient Techno echoing beloved 90s Detroit school & breakbeat science

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Herbert: I Hadn’t Known (I Only Heard)

Reissue of inimitable Herbert classics from 1998

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Akuphone 1013 (LP)
Tamayuge: Baba Yaga

‘freaky electronic music: blend of experimental music, creepiness melancholia and kitschy tones’ (w/ download card) (w/ download code)

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Akuphone 1016 (LP)
Various Artists: Seitō: In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun

Compilation of current, experimental Japanese Electronics focussing on female artists (w/ download card) (w/ download code)

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Bastian Balders: Vorticity EP

Driving big room Techno in two DJ versions

12" out of stock

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Crucial 026 (12")
Sleeper: Militant Focus EP

Fine originalist Dubstep EP

De:tuned 017 (12")
Future/Past: Rare & Unreleased

Welcome compilation of previously unreleased / long unavailable Kirk Degiorgio productions

12" out of stock

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Modini: Tart EP

Stomping, bouncy UK Techno

Raw, universal rhythms & grooves centered leftfield House adventure

Actapulgite: Le Malin EP

Twisted, pulsating, Bristlolian Grime school affine leftfield Electronic / IDM EP

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Erased Tapes 128 (Download only)
Anne Müller: Heliopause

Haunting, solo cello centered, cinematic Modern Classical abum

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Exit 087 (12")
Lewis James: The Death of Habit

Diverse, 'Autonomic' sound reviving Drum & Bass / Pop EP

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Fachwerk 045 (12")
Mike Dehnert: Wexit EP

Crafty dubbed out Techno DJ tools

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Firescope 006 (EP)
B12: In Vain (Feat. Yonii)

‘Vocal Ambient’ & Lounge Electronica / Downtempo in signature B12 sound sphere