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Out-ER 027 (Euro 12")
3KZ: 99 Movements

Wonderful & convincing, Z.I.P.P.O & Kaelan prod. early 90s Detroit / Dutch Techno celebrating EP

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Ownlife 014 (Euro 12")
Leiras: Turquoise Tundra Pt. I

Optimized boomy big room Techno effectiveness b/w beautiful Ambient Techno stepper

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Tensal: Cause Effect

Massive & effective big room Techno firepower

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Reeko: Humans Or Animals

Expertly effective, dense vibrant textures enriched big room Techno stompers

Raw Raw 016 (Euro 12")
Birth Of Frequency: No Matter What

Highly effective, boomy, pure Techno bangers

Sub Rosa 429 (Euro LP)
Luc Ferrari: Tinguely

First in series of album dedicated to Ferrari’s film music

Aguirre 051 (Euro LP)

Valuable reissue of mid 1970s out-there Jazz masterpiece - Highly recommended!

Akō 02 (Euro EP)
Yko: Taō Remixes

Impressive, dense, epic, masterful Electronic excursions (original CD album ‘Taō’ thrown in as well)

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Bite 003 (Euro 12")
Sarin: Kuleshov Effect

Driving EBM Industrial Techno EP

Dubsquare 007 (Euro 12")
Rer Repeter: Poison Will Be Hidden EP

Twisted, UK post-Dubstep/UK leaning, crispy, dubbed out House

Hot Casa 33 (Euro LP)
Stanislas Tohon: Dans Le Tchink Systeme

High quality reissue of this Benin funk holy grail