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Balatan: Balatan EP1
Cos_Mos 007 (Euro 12")
Crystal Maze / R-A-G: Dr. Claw / Larry Venom

Minimalist, subtly atmospheric Tech House / House

Tin Man: Keys Of Life Acid

Repress - perfectionist Acid House beauty

Oto Hiax: Oto Hiax

Mark Clifford co-prod. impressive mixture of dense, droning Ambient & intense Electro-Accoustics reminiscent works (w/ download card)

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Hecker: Inspection II

Theory & practice in forefront computer music developments

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MMMD: 07043016 (Live at St.Paul's Anglican Church, Athens)

Neoclassical tinged Drone works

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Noise Manifesto 010 (Euro Download only)
Paula Temple: Edge Of Everything Remixes 1

Devastating, hard-hitting Techno / thrilling Drone remixes

Tape 013 (Euro 12")
Deniro: Monsoon

Driving, dreamy, deep Techno trips

 EP  € 14.00

downloads 2019-09-30
Veyl 011 (Euro EP)
Various Artists: Previously Undisclosed Rituals III
Dekmantel 050 (Euro Do LP)
Robert Hood: Paradygm Shift

Unstoppable legend that is RH: deadly effective, ever blinding universal Techno / House album

Dekmantel 055 (Euro 12")
Robert Hood: Paradygm Shift Vol. 3

Storming, deadly Techno b/w more Tech House compatible groover

Dote 002 (Euro 12")
Junes: Blue Moon

Classy, carefully arranged, dubbed out House EP

Fever AM 005 (Euro 12")
Rhyw: Biggest Bully / Felt

Ace dry Techno rhythm workouts

Joel Graham: Geomancy

Stunning early 80s extended Proto House excursions

Dip In The Pool: On Retinae

Valable issue of excellent 80s Japanese Synthpop/Disco gems

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Subwax JPN 08 (Euro 12")
Mark Ambrose: Dimensions EP

Reissue of classy, warmly dubbed out Techno deepness from 1997