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Tadeo: Old Tapes Give You Magic Mixes

Expertly deep, spaced out Techno trips

PAN 48 (Euro LP)
Heatsick: Re-Engineering

Densely atmospheric, leftfield House related, pulsating, multi-layered sound scapes

Uncrat: A Present From My Plant

Relentlessly propelling, acidic, early AFX tinged Techno fuel

Rösten 008.1 (Euro 12")
Sstrom: Drenched 1-4

Singular mesmerizing Techno immersion

Rösten 008.2 (Euro 12")
Sstrom: Drenched 5-8

Singular mesmerizing Techno immersion

12" out of stock

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Analogue 008 (Euro 12")
A.Metz: Black Rose

Hard stomping, tripped out, highly effective Techno cuts

12" out of stock

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De:tuned 024 (Euro 12")

Valuable reissue of block building, still inspring UK New Wave / Punk / outsider Pop heritage (w/ download code)

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Arts X 004 (Euro Download only)
Roberto: System State

Great heavy House / Techno stompers

Do LP out of stock

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Biophon 031 (Euro Do LP)
Biosphere: The Senja Recordings

‘collection of various outdoor recordings and studio improvisations’ (download card included)

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New Rhythmic 097 (Euro Download only)
Neila: Kevin Klein EP