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CA2+: Gait Cycle EP

Stepping, pulsating & purely droning Ambient Techno EP

Excellent, heavily stomping, deep, big room absorbing Techno EP

Excellent, dark Industrial / New Beat / Techno EP

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Awesome, classy, partly noisy IDM / Electro / Techno integration in full effect

Snts 007 (Euro Do LP)
Snts: The Rustling Of The Leaves
Tensal 001 (Euro 12")
Tensal: Tensal A

Minimalist, stomping DJ tool Techno

Umwelt: Strange Attractor

Perfectly dystopic Electro drifters / EBM tinged Techno cuts

Leyla 010 (Euro 12")
Von Grall: Stationary Regime

Grinding Techno trips

Apollo 3922 (Euro Do LP)
Aphex Twin: Selected Ambient Works 85-92

A true sonic icon of the early 1990s - eternal Ambient Techno by a true solitaire - Essential Must Have!

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Methodical Essential 007 (Euro Download only)
Shaven: Essential 007

Dreamy, boomy Techno trips