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Shkedul: Contorto

Effective deep Techno tools (download sticker included)

E.R.P.: Vox Automaton & Alsoran

Perfect reissue of two classic warm Convextion prod. Electro / Detroit Techno EPs from 2007

12" out of stock

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KSR 003 (Euro 12")
Kaiser: Mystery Of Emptiness

Effective boomy Techno bangers w/ lethal Regis & Sleeparchive remixes

Leyla 014 (Euro 12")

Ace, relentlessly driving big room Techno missiles

Mord 014 (Euro 12")
Lag: Fiend EP

Killer hard Techno stepper w/ straight ahead stomping remixes

Mord 044 (Euro 12")
Lag: All The Children Are Insane

Stunning Techno spectacle!

Mord 047 (Euro 12")
Takaaki Itoh: Disciplinary Synthetics

Superb & highly effective stealth Techno EP

Mord 065 (Euro Do EP)
The Advent: Shadows

Pure, highly effective, Purpose Maker style Techno tools

Ownlife 015 (Euro 12")
Leiras: Turquoise Tundra Pt. II

Optimized boomy big room Techno effectiveness

Arsenik 006 (Euro 12")

Hard as steel Techno killers

Bite 010 (Euro LP)
Sarin: Moral Cleansing

Fine, 80s oriented Wave / Industrial album (download sticker included)