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Skudge 009 (Euro 12")
Skudge: Waveless

Driving DJ tool techno tracks

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So-Phat 1-Digi (Euro Download only)
DJ Sotofett: Philip Sherburne, your word should be worth more than the ignorance of Pitchfork
Marco Shuttle: Flauto Synthetico

Fine dubbed out pulsating Techno trips

Florian Kupfer: Unfinished

Fine raw psychedelic Techno jams

Trust 025 (Euro 12")
Lok 44: Bous

Fine sparse and moody Electro cuts

Fine clonking bass/dub heavy DJ tool Techno tracks

Alleanza 072 (Euro 12")
Flug: Alleanza Konnekt 02

Pounding & acidic big room Techno cuts

Baum 012 (Euro 12")
YWF: Platane EP

Fine dense Dub Techno trips b/w beautiful Weisemann Ambient remix

Knotweed 020 (Euro 12")
Various Artists: Tales From The Dark Side Vol. 2
Limited 007 (Euro 12")
Various Artists: Limited 7

Well balanced, tough-minded, stomping Techno mini-compilation

Mindtours 018 (Euro 12")
Steevio: Modular Techno Vol. 4

Classy, subtle Techno workouts

Latency 009 (Euro EP)
Ena: Distillation

Experimental Techno & noisy etched Drone Electronica hybrid EP

Keita Sano: Why Not EP

Boomy, minimalist, driving Techno set