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Ornaments 046 (D 12")
Mathimidori: Yosago EP
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Macro 052 (D 12")
Vladimir Dubyshkin: For Various Reasons 2
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Office 015 (D LP)
Trux: Eleven

Leftfield House derived & related blurry Ambient Electronica drifters

Perlon 104 (D 12")
Binh: Visio

Extended atmospheric House trips

Perlon 109 (D Do EP)
Spacetravel: Dancing Therapy

Minimalist House w/ classic Techno & explorative Electronics leaning sound sphere

Perlon 111 (D Do EP)
Binh: Noah’s Day

Minimalist, warm subs driven House / Tech House trips

Perlon 116 (D EP)
Spacetravel: Metroname

Minimalist, jacking, spaced out House / Tech House jams

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Storming, hard hitting, no-prisoners-taking Techno rave

Nonplace 034 (D Do EP)

Pioneering percussive, Outernational musics reflecting killer album

Nonplace 040 (D 12")

Outernational grooves in dubbed out House compatible version mode - killer stuff!

Nonplace 046 (D EP)

Impressive, more metallophone sounding, pure drum music - Highly Recommended!

12" out of stock

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Peder Mannerfelt: Life Without Friction

Wildly diverse set from classic Techno bangers to ‘braindancing’ Electronica

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Klockworks 005 (D 12")
DVS1: Klockworks 5

Pure, crafty, honest Techno

EP out of stock

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Atom™: Walzerzyklus

One-sided, laser etched art edition in tinfoiled packaging (w/ insert & CD version thrown in)

Raster-Noton 118 (D 12")
Gomila Park: Ununoctium

1980s Noise / Industrial / Wave rooted, heavy Electronics

Raster-Noton 142 (D 12")
Senking: Dazed

Chilled & sub heavy, Dubstep related Electronic excursions