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Fiedelone 3 (D 12")
Fiedel: Miese Machine

Classy, bassline centered, universal 1990s Chicago school rooted DJ tools

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Karl 068 (D LP)
Hüma Utku: Gnosis

‘a blend of abstract electronics and ritualistic throbbing beats with field recordings and ambience’ (donwload card included)

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Mojuba 005 (D 12")
Oracy: Mind Dance

Crafty, classic 1990s US House leaning cuts

Terence Fixmer: Through The Cortex

Luxury presented, stunningly fresh, 1980s EBM tinged, craftily executed Techno explorer (w/ download code)

Thomas Dimuzio: Amid Zero Echo

Epic, cinematic, extended Drone works

Scion Versions 09 (D 3x 12")
Vainqueur: Reductions 1995–1997

Chain Reaction core-œuvre carefully revisited & luxury represented (w/ download code)

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Tresor 298 (D 12")

Boomy, highly effective, perfectionist big room Techno versions - download card included

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Rawax S 09.1 (D 12")
Cyrk: Memorial EP

Crisp, spaced out Electro trips

Pretty Sneaky 01 (D 12")

Ace, subtly dubbed out, pure rhythm & groove textures - Highly Recommended!

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Running Back 082 (D 12")
Dusky: Life Signs Vol. 1
Odd Even 024 (D 12")

Classic Detroit leaning big room Techno EP

Basement find; 1997 Berlin Drum & Bass

N-Dee: Drifting Away

Basement find; 1998 Berlin Drum & Bass