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Blkrtz 013 (D 12")
Deadbeat: Walls And Dimensions 2

Classy House/Indie-tronica hybrids

Dial LP 033 (D Do LP)

Classy mixture of ’New Waving’ synth work outs & on-the-point 1990s US House school

Karl 016 (D Do LP)
Lou Reed: Metal Machine Music

’Zeitkratzer ensemble presents an audacious new interpretation of this 20th century avant-garde classic’, beautifully represented & packed

Karl 020 (D LP)
Column One: Entropium

Zeitkratzer ensemble plays compositions by the Berlin based Electroacoustic/Industrial collective

Karl 022 (D LP)

’teaming up for a confrontational sonic attack’

Karl 026 (D LP)
Steve Reich: Four Organs

Ensemble Avantgarde plays classic minimal compositions, beautifully represented & packed

Royer: Day Of EP

Diverse, well executed, warm grooving DJ tool House set

Pastamusik 020 (D 12")
Borrowed Identity: Crack In The Box

Stomping 1990s US House inspired effective DJ tool cuts

DJ Spider & Phil Moffa: Psychic Surgeons

Dark, industrial-esque, stomping Techno EP

Rummenigge 001 (D 12")
Takashi Himeoka: Kamogawa EP

Minimalist DJ tool Tech House

Tresor 279 (D 12")
Jonas Kopp: HHH EP

Stomping, droning, jacking, pure Techno

Sued 001 (D 12")
SW: Track 1

Subtle swinging & warm sounding lo-fi House EP

Sued 002 (D 12")
SW: Track 1

Subtle lo-fi-esque House EP in best Chicago old school tradition

Chiwax 010 (D 12")
Ken Kojima: Obscure Business EP Vol. II

Retro-esque, warm DJ tool House EP