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Artless 2178 (D 12")
Stephen Brown: Sweet Nothing EP

Wonderful Detroit schooled Techno / Ambient bliss

Ornaments 047 (D EP)

Diverse, uplifting, bouncy, Disco & Jazz infused Deep House package

Klockworks 026 (D 12")
Stef Mendesidis: Cyber Document

Lethal, no-fuss, Detroit tinged Techno perfection

45 Seven 015 (D 7")
Beam Up: Gerrup

Killer half-stepping Drum & Bass related & vintage Dub leaning project

Convextion: R-CNVX1

Properly sleeved reissue of immense, spaced out Techno trips

Engine Ears: Hard & Solo

Basement find; 1998 Berlin Drum & Bass

Inland: Footstone

Boomy stomping, spaced out, fresh Techno banger

Magna Pia: Incantations

Pure, uplifting & highly effective Techno trips


Classy, uncompromising, stomping Techno jacker (w/ insert)

Inland: Coriolis

Ace, boomy, uplifting, tripping, proper Techno bangers

Metaphysik 311 (D 12")
Paka: Lairs

Explorative, minimalist to purely percussive & sparse electro-esque Techno EP

Chosen Brothers: Mango Walk

1979 Bullwackies Prod. b/w killer rework in Rhythm & Sound signature

Yannick Dauby & Hitoshi Kojo: La Vie Dans Les Airs & Dans Les Eaux

Side long, contemplative, sparse Electro-Accoustical / Drone pieces

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Vakant 076 (D 12")
Joonam: Tightrope