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Dystopian 012 (12")
Stone Edge: Edges EP

Chilled, classic, basic Techno/House rooted, craftily executed EP

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Dystopian 008 (12")
Alex.Do: Stalker EP

Dreamy big room DJ tool Techno

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Dystopian 023 (12")
Recondite: Theater II

Boomy, dreamy, strings incorporating Techno drama

Dystopian 020 (12")
Jon Hester: Interstellar Systems

Boomy, pure, percussive big room Techno tools

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Dystopian 004 (12")
Various Artists: Dystopian Artists - Béton Brut EP

DJ tool Techno w/ fine, dubbed out Felix K contribution

Dystopian 018 (12")
Drumcell: Absence Of Appropriate Effect

Effective, gloomy, stepping big room Techno cuts

Dystopian 025 (12")
Alex.Do: World On a Wire

Effective boomy DJ tool Techno trips

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Dystopian 007 (12")
Rødhåd: Red Rising EP

Crafty, effective DJ tool Techno; repress in black vinyl in generic sleeve

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Dystopian 009 (12")
Distant Echoes: Fury Road EP

Effective DJ tool Techno banger