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Disk 016 (EP)
Baptisma: Pes EP

Outstanding drumming focused & Gamelan infected, intergalactic rhythm excursions - Highly Recommended!

Disk 020 (EP)
Konduku: Şeker

Sublime, organic, Techno & Drum & Bass related drumming Ambient deepness - Tip!

Disk 013 (EP)
Sabla: Danzaguida

Out-of-ordinary sound & polyrhythmical groove textures in far-out R&D-mode - Highly Recommended!

Disk 014 (EP)
Bambounou: Parameter Perkusia EP

Drumming & rhythms centred, stripped down, powerful Techno explorer

Disk 021 (EP)
Kиr: Balčak

Superb vibrant Techno / Electronica scapes - comes in luxurious cover artwork

12" out of stock

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Disk 018 (12")
Koehler: Winged

Colorful stepping Techno workouts

12" out of stock

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Disk 017 (12")
Irel.ier: Guāng Guài Lì

Reduced Designer Techno pulses

EP out of stock

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Disk 015 (EP)

Magical drumming works centered trip w/ echoes of Gamelan & idiosyncratic atmospheres - Highly Recommended!

EP out of stock

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Disk 012 (EP)

Mesmerising slow motion Techno w/ vibes derived from excursions into African drumming

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Disk 010 (12")
Paradon’t: Thrd Mpct EP

Universal rhythm textures by Don’t DJ side project - Highly Recommended!