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DJ Stingray 313: Cognition

Brilliant, outstanding advanced Techno/Electro EP

Only 006 (D 12")

Full reissue 1991 Orlando Voorn prod. Techno/Proto-Trance EP

Ostgut Ton 109 (D 12")
LSD: Process

A Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell & David Sumner joint venture - direct Techno banger

Ostgut Ton 118 (D 12")
Various Artists: Panorama Bar 07 Part II

Exclusive cuts of ND Baumeckers’s Panorama Bar mix

Ostgut Ton 123 (D Do EP)

Minimalist, spaced out Mills works reminiscent, perfect Techno trips

Strongly 1990s EBM rooted, hard kicking, dark Techno

Mood ll Swing: Mood ll Swing

Reissue via Germany - classic NY Deep House reissued w/ alternative DJ Duke mixes

12" out of stock

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Rawax MCE 001 (D 12")
The Nighttripper: Phuture Remixes

Masterful Saunderson & Hood remixes of an Orlando Voorn prod. Techno classic

DJ Skull: Country Air EP

Subtly Disco flavored, flawlessly jacking House EP living up to triple A rated Chicago school


Effective, dubbed out Techno workouts

Arsenik 018 (Euro 12")
Kuf: Activate Windows

Varied, driving, dubbed out Techno cuts

Judas: Unsaid Pt. 1

Heavy, grinding, dark big room Techno pounders

Ausgang 006 (D 12")
Roseen: Versions Pt. 1

Infectious, purest Techno distillations (incl. four locked grooves) - Recommended!

Blueprint 052.2 (UK 12")
Rommek: Metamorphic - Set In Stone Trilogy Remixes
Clergy 013 (Euro 12")
Cleric: Fragments Of A Portrait

Fabulously concentrated, heavily pounding big room Techno energy