Cover art - Don’t DJ: ˈkā-dän(t)sCover art - Don’t DJ: ˈkā-dän(t)sCover art - Don’t DJ: ˈkā-dän(t)s
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Diskant 008 (EP)
Don’t DJ: ˈkā-dän(t)s
’ultra-dense and complex yet catchy polyrhythmic structures’
’Following his debut EP (ˈrɪð.əm), on ˈkā-dän(t)s DON’T DJ sets out to consolidate what could already be considered a new sub-genre: Electronic club music mimicking world music while neither deploying preexisting in- struments nor preexisting rhythms. The ultra-dense and complex yet catchy polyrhythmic structures are gener- ated using software based on an algorithm by Euclid. While the sounds are mostly generated by physical modelling. 4 extended experimental club-tracks highjack the listeners consciousness by entangling it in a jungle of interacting rhythms, depriving them of their sense for space and time, chewing them up and spitting them out on a dance floor in some bewildering but friendly parallel universe! The cover is again a two-sided silkscreen printed gatefold designed by Lotte Meret using compositional scores of the tracks on the vinyl.’