Cover art - Wareika Hill Sounds: No More War EPCover art - Wareika Hill Sounds: No More War EP
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Wareika Hill Sounds: No More War EP
Unique music w/ echoes of Roots Reggae, Jazz, tribal drumming & Dub
In the great tradition of his time with Count Ossie, four new grounation furies — hypnotic, thunderous, urgent, mystical — with dubwise repeta, funde and bass drums embedding the Light Of Saba veteran’s gorgeous trombone classicism. The opener is a rocking kumina rhythm, with ring-the-alarm metal percussion and exhortatory brass; Free The People swirls some apocalyptic reasoning into the foggy, thumping mix. Universe In Crisis is another emergency call, chuffing headlong down the grooves... before the beautiful, anthemic Chant takes a step back from the fire, closing with a sense of thankful, spiritual reconciliation, the expert drumming and lyrical bone-work in full effect.