Cover art - NSI: Plays Non StandardsCover art - NSI: Plays Non StandardsCover art - NSI: Plays Non Standards
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Sähkö 22 (CD)
NSI: Plays Non Standards
NSI aka Max Loderbauer & Tobias Freund are playing pieces for piano and effects (23 tracks)
An introduction from the artists: "Max Loderbauer and Tobias Freund, two very experienced musicians, recently ventured upon their first piano drone project together, NSI. non standard institute, plays non standards. Max Loderbauer studied music and sound engineering, was Germany’s serviceman for the Fairlight sampler, toured Europe, America and Japan as „Sun Electric“ together with TomThiel from 1990 to 2000, one of his latest releases was „Chica and the folder“. Tobias Freund worked as a sound engineer for 18 years, is „Sieg über die Sonne“ together with Martin Schopf and releases projects as „Pink Elln“, together with „Atom Heart“, and his latest project „Tobias.“ Their both scientists in sounds returning to where they feel most at home in the analog acoustic world. Their puristic approach to electronic music is not only very refreshing, but also very pure and sophisticated. Max Loderbauer was improvising and creating excellently on a grand piano. Tobias Freund is responsible for the treatments and sounds of: Roland DEP 5, Lexicon LXP 5, Roland TR 808. „ We like to put ourselves into a live, one shot, situation. We improvise with little piano melodies and effect units. All ’mistakes’ should be part of the piece“. Sustain your errors... nsi. 2007"