‘Stranger Station was Simon Driscoll (music, words, vocals) with some support from Judith Golberg and David Holecombe on studio and live synthesisers, all from the UK. Stranger Station released only one 7” in 1981, including the minimal electronics evergreen “Minutes to Silence”, and “Strangers”, and appeared with “Welcome to the Night” on the ultra-rare compilation LP “Synthetic Romance” in 1982. Both vinyls have absolute cult status among collectors worldwide and regularly fetch three- to even four-digit-amounts. Anyway, Stranger Station did record another seven tracks back in 1981 which remained unreleased so far. It is thanks to Martin Kleefeld‘s efforts on his web information platform Minimal Elektronik, that made Simon aware of some interest in his old music. He sent Martin the tracks, and that’s when they also made it into Anna’s ears, and then served as the basis for this release, 28 years after their creation. The music is quite weird and improvised minimal electronics, maybe comparable to the similarly weird musical world of ADN’ Ckrystall, but even darker and melancholic. There is a lot of playfulness within these tracks, and you can hear they could play and handle their ARP synthesisers, brooding elctronics, wonderful melodies, great use of any effects section of the synthesiser and many changes and new ideas coming and going within the tracks. The lyrics are dark and quite depressive, well influenced by the time when living in Britain back then. All three aforementioned tracks are also included to “Echoes in Infinity”. Truly a classic electronic music album.’