Cover art - Gas: RauschCover art - Gas: Rausch
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Kompakt 386 (Do LP)
Gas: Rausch
Wolfgang Voigt continues legendary, ‘infinite’ Ambient bliss project
Rausch with no name / My beautiful shine / You are the sun / This is where I want to be /

Rausch with no morning / This is where we burn / The Stars sparkle / In a sea of flames /

Horns and fanfares / Fanfares of joy / Fanfares of fear /

The wine we drink through the eyes / The moon pours down at night in waves /

Careful with that axe Eugene / Personal Jesus / No beginning no end /

Eighteenth of Oktember / The night falls / The king comes / The hunt starts /

Freude schöner Götterfunken / The long march through the underwood / Trust me there’s nothing /

Once upon a time there was a bandit / Who loved a prince / That was long ago /

Spring Summer Fall and Gas / There is a train heading to Nowhere /

Drums and Trumpets / Future without mankind / Warm snow / Alles ist gut /

The bells toll / You are not alone / The murmur in the forest / The murmur in the head /

Light as mist / Heavy as lead / Music happens / To flow like gas /

A clearing / Heavy baggage / Debut in the afterlife / Death has seven cats /

World heritage Rausch / Finally infinite

Wolfgang Voigt 2018