Cover art - Sorbothane Boots: Instrument Glass Disc VersionCover art - Sorbothane Boots: Instrument Glass Disc Version
Isonoe (Isolation Feet)
Sorbothane Boots: Instrument Glass Disc Version
Set of 4, can be combined with the SlipmatIsolation Feet, glass discs providing optimum seating for the ball bearings in the base of the Isolation Feet - ensuring point of contact area is minimised
"Since release in 2004, the Isonoe Isolation System has become an industry standard in the world’s finest nightclubs and has received critical acclaim within the hi-fi arena. Although initially designed to prevent feedback in turntables, having been proven in professional installations, it has gone on to see adoption by users in a diverse range of sectors; from valve amplifiers and CD players, to laboratory apparatus."