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Numbers 052 (UK 12")
Peder Mannerfelt: Equality Now

Stomping Techno, rhythm textures & sparse Ambient

PAN 74 (Euro LP)
Rashad Becker: Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. II

Overwhelming sound design, absolutely unique in its texture, tonality & dynamics - Highly Recommended! (w/ download card)

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Tempa 112 (UK Do 12")
Alex Coulton: Gamma Ray Burst

Blinding, sparse Bristolian Techno step science - Highly Recommended!

Romans: Valere Aude

Diverse, from mellow Acid House to noisy Techno ranging club album

Tresor 289 (D 12")
Mike Parker: Disintegrating Sand EP

Classy, minimalist, stomping Techno w/ dynamic sound sphere & designer Bleeps (comes w/ download card)

West End 22130 (US 12")
Kenix Music: There’s Never Been No One Like You (feat. Bobby Youngblood)
Jump Source: Guide To Action

Fine warm & mellow early 90s styled House tracks

Antinote 032 (Euro 12")
Geena: Mental DJ's Land Vol. 2
Kontrafaktum 002 (D 12")
Blazej Malinowski: Profundity

Droning, classy Ambient Techno trip in two extended versions

80s Chicago Acid House led mini-comp w/ 2 prev. unreleased tracks straight from the source

PG Tune 002 V (D 12")
Obgon: Overtake

Hard hitting, noisy Techno stomper