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Unique acid house. dubby Alex Burkat mix

Various Artists: The Nite Owl Buffet Vol. 1

Old spiced contemporary Chicago house sounds

Thrill Jockey 032 (US Do LP)
Oval: Systemisch

One of THE 1990s Electronic albums - defining the sound of clicks’n’cuts (w/ download code)

Jus-Ed: Jus-Normaly 2

An original Jus-Ed joint in a early 1990s NY Techno reminiscent House mode

Unirhythm 1004 (US 12")
Marcellus Pittman: Revenge For Nothing

Hard stomping Detroit techno

Wild Oats JD 01 (US Do 12")
Jay Daniel: Karmatic Equations

Tremendous 2nd release. Detroit warehouse tracks. recommended

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Recital 017 (US LP)
Daniel Schmidt: In My Arms, Many Flowers

Breathtakingly beautiful, gamelan centered Classical Minimalism - Highly recommended.

Liquid Liquid: Liquid Liquid

Fabulous reissue of debut EP by the legendary & unique early 1980s Disco / Funk band project

Liquid Liquid: Successive Reflexes

Fabulous reissue of second EP by the legendary & unique early 1980s Disco / Funk band project

Phill Niblock: Niblock For Celli / Celli Plays Niblock

In search for the perfect drone - Modern Classical R&D exploring dynamics in micro-tonality

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FXHE AOS 1992 (US 12")
Omar S: 1992

Sparse, purist, rhythm centered DJ tool House works

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Ni Un Pero 001 (US Do LP)
Greg Beato: El Tipo Mas Bonito En La Generacion De Los Feos

Experimental edged tripping, partly oldschool House indebted Electronica excursions

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Greg Beato: Cum In Peace

Bouncy oldscool Acid House indebted DJ tool bangers

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Theo Parrish & Marcellus Pittman: Essential Selections Vol. 2

Initially released on Track Mode in 2002. Detroit deep house

Mothboy / Amantra: Ten Thousand Swerves / G & C

Heavy Doom & IDM related Ambient pulses