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Mistress 008 (US EP)
Lapien: Something To Show You EP Part 1

Bouncy & soulful late night House groovers & effective DJ tools

Mole People: Luv Luv Lik Lik

Proper reissue of Gary Martin prod. Detroit Electro / Techno / Funk gem

Mood ll Swing: Mood ll Swing

Reissue via Germany - classic NY Deep House reissued w/ alternative DJ Duke mixes

Power Music 040 (US 12")
DJ Duke: Escape From New York

German manufacturing - proper reissue of ace 1990s NYC Deep House goodness

Cloud One: Doin’ It All Night

European manufactured reissue of 1979 Peter Brown & Patrick Adams prod. Disco essentials

Sex Mania LP 02 (US 12")
Techfunkers: The Album: Techfunk Is Where It's At (Vol 1 Out Of 3)

Reissued via Germany - 1996 DJ Duke joint: ace blend of NY Deep House & Electro in dubbed out groove mode

Cloud One: Patty Duke

European reissue of Peter Brown prod. disco classic

Transmat 004 (US 12")
Rhythim Is Rhythim: Strings Of Life

Those strings for eternity and the best Kaos cut there ever was

Transmat 008 (US 12")
K. Alexi Shelby: All For Lee-Sah

Reissue of pivotal Acid House divinity - Essential must have!

Transmat 085 (US 12")
Jon Hester: Dimensional EP

Driving & hypnotic Techno bouncers

Zam Zam 071 (US 7")

Ace current Dub / deep Dubstep excursions

Suction 049 (US 10")
Beau Wanzer: Do The Spider Shimmy

Raw Electronics explorer in early 1980s original Minimal Electronic mode