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Metroplex 002 (US 12")
Model 500: Night Drive

Repressed Juan Atkins prod. Detroit Techno milestone

Anne Guthrie: Brass Orchids

Puristic, explorative, beautiful Drone / Ambient sound scapes

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Blue Chemise: Daughters Of Time

Collection of beautiful Ambient miniatures (w/ download card)

Luxury reissue in gatefold sleeve - cinematic Italian 1970s Pop ‘that formed a confluence of avant-folk sensibilities and analog electronics’

Recorded live - Knoxville, Tennessee, 7 February 2009

Movie score reminiscent, tripped out, droning, Indie Rock excursions (comes w/ 7" download)

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Incienso 004 (US EP)
Kiki Kudo: Splashing

Tripping, playful to minimalist Electronica wrapped Tech House EP

L.I.E.S. 111 (US EP)
Fret: Silent Neighbour EP

Blinding Mick Harris works blending Industrial Noise, Drum & Bass & advanced IDM Techno - TIP!

Mathematics 105 (US Do LP)
Hieroglyphic Being: The Language Of Strings

Mesmerizing odyssey into Jamal Moss sound memoirs

Solid deep house from LA & hyper mash-up Detroit sounds

Marcus Mixx: Better Spread On Red

Classic Chicago acid tracks feat. Johnny Fiasco