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Zam Zam 028 (US 7")
Beat Pharmacy: Beach Dub

Electronic Dub excursions

12" out of stock

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L.I.E.S. 074 (US 12")
33.10.3402: Mecanica No. 2
Personator: Personator’s Primordial Tracks V1

Analog hardware experiment sounds

Black Male 001 (US 12")
Michelangelo: What Will Be

Reissue via UK; 1991 Romanthony prod. raw Funk / House hybrids

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Emphasis 015 (US 12")

Old-school Chicago jackin’ house tracks

Do LP out of stock

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Shifted: Appropriation Stories

Perfectly captivating, Techno & Noise concentrating, brilliant signature sound refining album

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DJ Qu: For The Beneath

Exceptional, acidic Depp House related killer cuts

Zagittarius: 1984 Trax EP

One sided. Jordan Fields prod. classic Chicago inspired tracks

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BMG & Sal P: Credit Card

Brilliant post punk disco by Ectomorph and Liquid Liquid's Sal P

Mike Huckaby: Harmonie Park Classics Vol. 2

Originally released in 1997