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Lives Of Angels: Elevator to Eden
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Art Fine: Dark Silence

Valuable reissue of rare 1985 Italo Disco gem

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Series-A: Evolution Technology

Valuable reissue of killer lost 1987 Detroit Electro cut b/w JTC version

Smersh: Selected Deep House Anthems

Valuable reissue of 1991 US EBM/Industrial EP

Shoc Corridor: A Blind Sign

Valuable reissue of 1982 UK Minimal / New Wave / Synth Pop gem

Codek: Closer / Tam Tam

Valuable reissue of 1981 Disco trip from Ivory Coast

Luxury edition of previously unreleased late 1970s exploring Industrial / Electronica

Fantasy Life: Over And Over

Valuable reissue of 1985 Italo Disco

Raw: Fragments EP

Reissue of early 1990s obscure Greek Post-Wave Electronics