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Wulf 003 (UK EP)
Avian 035 (UK 12")
Rhyw: Cave Walls (Part Two)
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Almost Musique Concrète sound collages & rhythmically noise reminiscent Designer Grime

Seba: No One Dies

Perfectly crafted Drum & Bass cuts

Aus Music 140 (UK 12")
Cinthie: Mezmerising

Driving, effective, swirling Disco saturated DJ tool House set

Odysee R 001 (UK 12")
Mirage: Bewildered (2018 Remaster)

Very classic, atmospheric Source Direct goodness w/ ace current rework

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Aus Music 141 (UK 12")
Sei A: Moving Shadows EP

Minimalist Ambient & Dub House pulses centered big room DJ tool set

Do 12" out of stock

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Alix Perez: Last Rites EP

Heavy half-stepping Drum & Bass / Dubstep DJ tool excursions

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Pls.Uk GS 03 (UK Download only)
Brayan Valenzuela: Sorry Mom, But I'm an Alcoholic
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Diffrent Music AWRA 003 (UK Download only)
Amir De Bois: AWRA003

Remarkable, cutting-edge experimental Drum & Bass science

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Spatial: Emergence #2

Explorative, sub-heavy, twisted UK Techno cuts

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Red Seal 909 (UK 12")
ASC: Polemic

Leftfield Drum & Bass / Techno compatible excursions

Subtext 018 (UK LP)
Fis: From Patterns to Details

Dense & intense late 1990s IDM reminiscent Electronica