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Discrepant 057 (UK LP)

‘in the field of experimental-tropical-cocktail music, no one does it like Spencer Clark’

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Keysound 062 (UK EP)
Atlas: Solitude EP

Killer Electronic / leftfield UKG hybrid EP

Moog 109 (UK LP)
Mika Vainio: Lydspor One & Two (Blue TB7 Series)

Extended Drones in pure, sonical explorer mode

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Church V 004 (UK 12")
Various Artists: Church Volumes 004

Swinging, warm atmospheres wrapped & bassline driven late night House groovers

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E-Beamz 019 (UK EP)
Hugo Massien: Almost Becoming Lucid EP

Diverse EP combining UKG, UK Tech House & minimalist Techno vibes

VtotheD: Twofold

Widely reverberating, tripping, jazzy Electronica relying House jams

Arnheim: Foggy Silhouettes

Swinging Beatdown affine & Jazz vibes relying, crisp late night Tech House groovers

Ingredients 030 (UK 12")
Ruffhouse: The Foot

2018 repress - sparse, Industrial Techno infected, killer Drum & Bass

Weaponry 004 (UK EP)
Homemade Weapons: Subcept EP

Wildly cut up breakbeats centered Drum & Bass w/ echoes of Industrial Drumming