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E-Beamz 017 (UK 12")
S-DM: Southside EP

‘roots music’: Chicago oldschool Acid House reminiscent, effective DJ tool set

Nexyard 13 (UK 12")
John T. Gast: Btech Version #12

Idiosyncratic, slightly retro-esque leftfield House / Techno / Electronica EP

Various Artists: Collisional Process Volume 1

Bridging atmospheric Jungle revivalism w/ current half-stepper vibes

Greta Wohlfahrt: Sicherungsverwahrung

Ace, properly psychedelic Acid Dub trips

EP out of stock

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Pessimist: Austerity EP

Classy, sub heavy, pulsating Drone / Ambient excursions w/ JK Flesh appearance too

EP out of stock

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Mani Festo: Hold The Line EP

Ace & proper Drum & Bass science on one of London’s finest (one copy per person)

Signature 023 (UK 12")
Calibre: Falls To You

Warm half-step Drum & Bass / perfect Dubstep blues

Signature LP 007 (UK 3x LP)
Calibre: Condition

Ace Drum & Bass album from 2011 - download card included

Wonderful leftfield Downtempo / House album sampler

12" out of stock

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Fracture: Take You

Intense ‘Happy Hardcore’ integrating, highly effective Drum & Bass / Footwork hybrid

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Grimes Adhesif: Clovelly

Densely atmospheric, swinging House trips

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Gutterfunk 016 (UK EP)
Addison Groove & DJ Die: Legion Of Boom EP

A true Bristolian internal affair: deadly effective Footwork / Jungle EP

Naturist 000 (UK 12")
Arnaldo: Warning! One Track on This Extended Player Contains No Kick Drum

Warm, subtle, focused House / Tech House minimalism