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Asok: How It Is

Drifting lo-fi-esque Ambient Electronica / Ambient breakbeats cuts

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Tripping, Techno Trance infected Drum & Bass rollers

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Fold: Astral Planes

Swinging late night DJ tool Tech House / House set

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Diagonal 049 (UK EP)

‘Two stunning, longform Jim O’Rourke collaborations w/ Not Waving’

Seba: Stasis

Tough, original drum-breaks driven, cinematically atmospheric Drum & Bass science

Seba: Seba Remixes Vol.2

Rewarding remix set from half-stepping Om Unit to Dub doom relying Digital

Perfectionist uplifting Drum & Bass cuts

Jamie Lidell: When I Come Back Round (Matthew Herbert's Long Night Dub)

The sound Herbert made famous: crisp, slick, deep, ‘on point’ House production

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Hyroglifics: Cash Out

Crisp, techy ‘Neurofunk’ & ‘liquidised’ rolling Drum & Bass w/ half-step bonus

Exit 072 (UK EP)
Dub Phizix: Rebel Spirit EP

DP’s ever stunning blend of half-stepping Drum & Bass, Dance Hall & Grime - TIP!

Exit 077 (UK EP)
Strategy: Lanterns EP

Deadly, upfront, heavy Footwork / Drum & Bass / beat science adventure

Exit 079 (UK 10")
Skeptical: Enjoy This Trip 10" Sampler

In addition to the album - Skeptical in deadly precise Grime & Dub excursion mode

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Burial: Young Death

Sparsely arranged echoes of UK Dance Pop & UK Hardcore vibes blended

Burial: Rodent

Bittersweet UKG-Pop anthem accompanied by condensed Kode 9 Footwork version

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Albion 006 (UK 12")
Reso: Focus Inwards EP

Sparse, dystopic classic Dubstep reminiscent Grime beat science

Do LP out of stock

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Pavel Milyakov: La Maison De La Mort

Full range Electronica excursion from sparse IDM reminiscences to classic Drone themed Ambient

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Icicle: Turn EP

Crispy, ultra-tight, techy Neurofunk aiming Drum & Bass rave cuts

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Horo Ex 024 (UK 3x 12")

Blinding Ambient set ‘in quest for the perfect Drone’