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Al Chem: Weird Fiction

‘foggy Electronic Dub meditations [...] by Berliner Ring member Alexander Christou’

Blueberry 002 (UK 7")
Brrd: Hail Di King

Dancehall related excursions on FaltyDL’s Blueberry

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Blueprint R 03 (UK 12")
James Ruskin: Conspiracy EP

20th anniversary mini showcase feat. classic Techno throughout Ruskin’s vast catalogue

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Contort 003 (UK 7")
Kerridge: Sonic Instruments Of War
Via Maris: Swarm

Sparse Bristolian Tech-stepper

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Rroxymore: Organ Smith

Raw, rhythm centered track work outs & swinging, stepping leftfield UK Techno / House

Surgeon: Learning

Brilliant, pioneering Techno

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Dax J: Descendents Of Sinners
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Minimal Violence: Acid Lakes
No Symbols 006 (UK 12")
Beneath: Lifted

Stunning, twisted, instrumental Grime & stepping UK Techno - Highly Recommended!

Pennyroyal 006 (UK 12")
Myler: Gorilla Biscuits

Hard hitting, noisy distorted, banging Techno EP

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Subaltern 009 (UK 12")
Piezo: Antelope Swing

Half-stepping UK Bass related, dubbed out & stripped down beat science

Swamp 81 030 (UK 12")
Falty DL: Mean Streets Part 3

Classy, warm subs driven UK House, UKG & Disco Soul heritage relying EP

Tectonic 055 (UK 12")

Swinging, techy stepping leftfield UKG/Dubstep cuts

Tectonic 066 (UK 12")
Distance: Blue Meanie

Crafty, original Dubstep

Zoot 004 (UK 12")

Twisted jacking, alternative House trips

Zoot 007 (UK 12")
The Maghreban: Amok Time

Psychedelic intergalactic House bomb

Zoot 010 (UK 12")
The Maghreban: Dynamite!

Irresistible, extraterrestrial House movers

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Amar 012 (UK 10")
Amit: Thakurs Army

Heavy, slightly Eastern sounding original Dubstep / half-stepping Drum & Bass cuts