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Coyote 012 (UK 12")
T.A.M.: Watty

Hard hitting, driving, effective DJ tool Grime cuts

Discrepant 058 (UK LP)
Mike Cooper: Tropical Gothic

Oustanding, imaginative soundscapes: ‘Cooper’s limitless exploration in his collection of guitars’

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Mudkid: Muddy Blues

Mesmerising, dubbed out Ambient house pulses

Halo Cyan 018 (UK 12")
Gravious: Rolling Thunder EP
Fhloston Paradigm: Chasing Rainbows

King Britt prod. classy, spaced out, twisted grooving Electronics

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Mistry 008 (UK 12")
Beneath: Special Offer

Superb,minimalist groove explorer somewhere in between Grime & Techno steppers

Moog 102 (UK LP)
The Grid: One Way Traffic (Blue TB7 Series)

Droning vintage Electronics to retro-futuristic Electro bits

Timedance 016 (UK 12")
Laksa: The Amala Trick

Prime Bristolian Grime / Techno hybrid b/w classy Ambient Downtempo chill out cut

Bonebrokk: Hollow Systems

Blinding minimalist to breakbeat driven UK Techno / Tech House set w/ Grime affinities

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Young Echo 003 (UK LP)
Manonmars: Manonmars

Spoken word poetry / Hip Hop / Grime excursion over blue, lo-fi-esque downtempo Ambient scapes

Zoot 004 (UK 12")

Twisted jacking, alternative House trips

DDS 026 (UK 12")
Equiknoxx: Mark Ernestus Remixes

Black vinyl repress - pure Dancehall futurism in Ernestus’ magical treatment - Tip!

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Ecstatic 013 (UK LP)
Abul Mogard: Circular Forms
Ecstatic 038 (UK LP)
The Cop Killers: The Cop Killers

Proper reissue of 1980s Italian Industrial tape only release