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Tectonic 107 (UK 12")
Cocktail Party Effect: Shattered Retina EP
The Housefactors: Play It Loud

Essential 1988 Larry Heard prod. Chicago Trackstyle prototypes reissued - The Business!

Pearson Sound: Pearson Sound

Fresh, universal rhythm trax w/ echoes from oldschool Chicago to recent UK Bass (comes w/ download)

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Loop LF: Natural XT

Stunning blend of crisp Dub Techno reductions & UKG vibes - Highly Recommended!

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Rekids SPX 001 (UK 12")
FBK: From The Escaped Planet EP

Banging, classy, original Detroit Techno / Disco-Techno EP

47 012 (UK 12")
Killawatt: 47 12

Heavy, dark, stepping Industrial Techno killers

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Threshold / Djinn: Foundation X Black Series 1

Late 2015 release; classy, crafty Jungle/Drum & Bass revival cuts

Fresh 86 182 (UK EP)

Classy, imaginative Jungle revivalism re-exploring original

Digital: Total Control LP Pt. 2

Hard hitting, flawless, devastating Drum & Bass science

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Paranorman: The Source

Twisted Techno / Electro / IDM excursions

Wasserfall: Travelling While Sleeping

Subtly dubbed out, minimalist to densely Ambient wrapped House / Tech House EP

East Man: Stop Flapping Your Gums Vol.1

Flawless, purist & stunning original Grime beat science - Highly Recommended!

Hojo Clan 003 (UK 12")

Focused, thrilling Drum & Bass / Techno killers

Ingredients 017 (UK 12")
Dub Phizix: Out There

Fresh, classy killer Drum & Bass

Ingredients 044 (UK 12")
Digital: Red Tape

Half-stepping, vintage Reggae sampled beat- & bassline science by a true master

MDD: Being + Time EP

Dense & intensely distorted Hardcore / Industrial Techno / rhythmical Noise scapes