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Subtext 024 (UK LP)

Thrilling, dense, richly textured, improvisational Outernational Jazz reminiscent side long pieces

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Tectonic 055 (UK 12")

Swinging, techy stepping leftfield UKG/Dubstep cuts

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Tectonic 060 (UK Do EP)
Distal: Civilization
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Tectonic 067 (UK 12")
Gemmy: Warrior

Jacking, techy Dubstep

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Tectonic 073 (UK 12")
Distal: The Shadow Egg EP

Wild, over-the-edge to DJ tool UK Techno EP

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Tectonic 080 (UK 12")
Acre: Icons EP

Exciting, techy instrumental Grime & Breakbeat science

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Auxiliary 014 (UK Do 12")
ASC: The Farthest Reaches EP

Epic, pulsatic, extended, perfectly crafted Ambient Techno EP

Auxiliary 021 (UK EP)
ASC: Artefacts of Rotation

Futuristic Ambient Techno pulses

Dance Trax 014 (UK EP)
Vin Sol: Dance Trax Vol.14

Stomping, big room aiming, retro-esque & highly effective House / Tech House set

Dance Trax 015 (UK 12")
Stratton: Dance Trax Vol. 15

Banging, saturated old school DJ tool House jacker

Dawn State 001 (UK EP)
Moniker: High Rise EP

Warm, subtly dubbed out, prime Techno groover w/ remarkable Peverelist appearance

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E-Beamz 007 (UK 12")
Interplanetary Criminal: Intergalactic Jack

Warm subs driven, atmospherically tripping, raw UK House set

Fresh 86 167 (UK 12")
Coco Bryce: Esoteric

Classy, chilled leftfield Jungle / Electronica EP

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Transparent Sound: What Is Your Name?
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Desert Sound Colony: Tickle Me Pink

Minimalist UK Tech House w/ subtle UKG swing

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Idle Hands 013 (UK 10")
Outboxx & Atki 2: Tribute to Disc Shop Zero

Stunning, fresh, imperative takes on Electronic Dub & ‘funky’ UK House

Idle Hands 044 (UK 12")
Andy Mac: Diving Bird 2

Classy dare to be different, pure, direct Dub House excursions

Idle Hands 045 (UK 12")
Area: Freckles EP

Subtle mixture of densely atmospheric ‘future’ UKG & click’n’cuts affine minimalist Tech House

Idle Hands 047 (UK 12")
A Sagittariun: Pseudo Science

Ace, twisted, tripped out Techno floaters