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Eaux 991 (UK 12")
Rrose: The Ends of Weather

Exceptional Techno affine Ambient & Ambient Techno trips

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Empathy 001 (UK EP)
Pris: New Babylon

Spaced out tripping Bleep Techno EP

Esoteric 020 (UK 12")
Nucleus & Paradox: Love Her (rn*) / Dilenttantes (rn)

Reissue of killer, drumbreaks centered Drum & Bass of its own class

Gunner 002 (UK 12")
Troy Gunner: Stay Where You Are

Stripped down, rhythm & groove centred, dubbed out to stepping Techno adventure

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Why Be: Snipestreet

Dynamic & stepping UK Bass musics deconstructions

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IVVVO: Good, Bad, Baby, Horny

’weightless Grime’ akin Ambient Electronica

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Joy O & Ben Vince: Transition 2

Deadly, absolutely outstanding, idiosyncratically spaced out UK House bombs of another kind

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Hyperdub HDB 121 (UK Download only)
Lady Lykez: Muhammad Ali EP
Game Show: Machines of Loving Grace

Rewarding excursion into spaced out Ambient / Jazz hybrids

Jack Murphy: Knowing Something 1

Twisted grooving, subtly dubbed out Techno & Electro trips

12" out of stock

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Slacker: Leviathan
Modern Love 104 (UK Do LP)
Turinn: 18 1/2 Minute Gaps

Diverse set & mixture of leftfield Electro, IDM, UKG & Techno

Omniverse 1202 (UK EP)
Nu Era: Aquarian Android

Reinforced’s very own Marc Mac prod. true Techno Soul EP

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Pressure 007 (UK EP)
JK Flesh: In Your Pit E.P

Ultra heavy Drone centered, half-stepping Techno & Grime affine sound explorer

ASC: The Abyssal Plain

Superior, cinematic Ambient pulses w/ subtle upfront Drum & Bass affinity

Sbire 002 (UK 12")

Flawless, deep blue, Lounge compatible Ambient / Tech House / Techno excursion