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Do EP out of stock

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Keysound 046 (UK Do EP)
Sully: Blue EP

Classy Jungle revival in reduced 2014 style (one mint copy)

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Fis: Duckdive EP

Out there EP w/ subtle, leftfield Drum & Bass compatible rhythm textures

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Theme: Theme EP

Chilled half-step Drum & Bass in Ambient / Dub Techno mode

Shogun Audio 008 (UK Do 12")
Various: Shogun Assassins Vol. 1

Outstanding 2006 Drum & Bass mini compilation w/ Breakage appearance

Church W 001 (UK 12")

Fine House cut in epic, sparse & techy, banging versions

Hemlock 022 (UK 12")
Joe: Punters Step Out

Twisted, out-there, perfectionist UK House related cuts for the fearless DJ

Hessle Audio 023 (UK Do EP)
Pangaea: Release

Diverse, full range, leftfield UKG/UK Funky & beyond

Do LP out of stock

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Modern Love 069 (UK Do LP)
Andy Stott: Passed Me By

Sub heavy, pulsating leftfield House-ish sound scapes & tunes

Do LP out of stock

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Modern Love 079 (UK Do LP)
Andy Stott: Luxury Problems

Immersive, sub heavy, slowed down Techno / House album

Modern Love 096 (UK 12")
Demdike Stare: Testpressing #005

Dusky, sub heavy Grime business b/w New Wave inspired grinder

Modern Love 097 (UK 12")
Demdike Stare: Testpressing #006

Heavy, dense, technoid Grime cuts

Do LP out of stock

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Modern Love 098 (UK Do LP)
Andy Stott: Faith In Strangers

Sub heavy, slowed down, immersive Ambient-ish / moody Pop album

Do LP out of stock

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Modern Love 101 (UK Do LP)
Andy Stott: Too Many Voices
12" out of stock

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Downwards 71 (UK 12")
JK Flesh: Nothing Is Free

Justin K. Broadrick prod. classy, dark & noisy killer Techno w/ awesome Surgeon version

12" out of stock

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Punch Drunk 005 (UK 12")
Peverelist: Roll With The Punches

Essential, early Peverelist gem

12" out of stock

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Punch Drunk 008 (UK 12")
RSD: Jah Way

Rob Smith prod. heavy reggae bassline infected dubstep cuts