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Do LP out of stock

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Planet Mu 380 (UK Do LP)
Kuedo: Slow Knife
12" out of stock

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Tempa 111 (UK 12")
Youngsta & Cimm: Split Minds / Redshift

Classy, original, sparse Dubstep vibes

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Dax J: La Haine
12" out of stock

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Aus Music 106 (UK 12")
Marquis Hawkes: Dornroosje

Effective, tripping, big room & mid 1990s Relief reminiscent DJ tool House / Disco House

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Bleed 006 (UK 12")
Rote: EP2

Boomy, dark atmospheric Techno EP

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Blueprint 046 (UK 12")
O/V/R: Easy Prey

Boomy, acidic Techno trips

Dax J: Sephora EP

Diverse DJ tool Techno slammer w/ two additional locked grooves

Eaux 691 (UK 12")
Rrose: For Aquantice

Pure and spaced out Techno workouts

Patrick Walker & Inigo Kennedy: 3 Stacked Layers, From Macro To Meta

Effective DJ tool Techno

ANFS: The Age Of Ephemeral Man

Tough, distorted, Industrial leaning, heavy Techno EP

12" out of stock

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Asusu: Hallucinator

Acidic bassline driven Bristolian Techno steppers

Arcing Seas: Ophidian

Crafty, tripping Techno w/ experimental edged atmosphere

Kruton: Night Biscuit

Brilliant Detroit schooled Techno EP

12" out of stock

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Resin 006 (UK 12")
Perth Drug Legend: Clubbers Guide To Craigie
2nd Drop 015 (UK 12")
Gerry Read: Roomland

Fine warm House w/ stepping UKG/UKF version