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East Man: Stop Flapping Your Gums Vol.1

Flawless, purist & stunning original Grime beatscience - Highly Recommended!

Hojo Clan 003 (UK 12")

Focussed, thrilling Drum & Bass / Techno killers

Hojo Clan 004 (UK 12")
Shiken Hanzo: White Gorilla Cult EP

Droning, futurist Drum & Bass / Techno hybrid steppers in explorer mode

12" out of stock

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Hot Haus 042 (UK 12")
DJ Clea: Fantasy EP

Latin flavoured to minimalist big room Tech House

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Idle Hands 053 (UK LP)

Pure drifting to downtempo pulses driven, slightly noisy Ambient Electronica

Frank Hunter: Ocular And Particular

Monotone DJ tool Techno/House rhythm tracks

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Keysound 075 (UK EP)
Hugo Massien: Remnants / London Underground 2014 - 16
PAL SL 005 (UK 12")
Dimbiman: Iso Grifo

2017 repress - one of Perlon’s masterminds delivers mesmerising, minimalist House trips

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Planet Mu 366 (UK EP)
RP Boo: The Ultimate

Twisted, wild, intense Footwork tracks work out

Unknot 001 (UK 12")
Unknot: Modem

Emanuele Porcinai & Sciahri prod. sub-heavy Techno scapes